Wednesday, December 2, 2009


As much as I love 'em I do have to wonder sometimes...yesterday I went to get the oil changed in my car and was delighted to see the garage filled with pretty boys. In approximately 20 minutes I was told that I had nice toes, I was asked if I was a model and 3 of them told me they dug my sunglasses. The toes comment was pretty funny, only because I hadn't had a pedicure in about 6 months (!!) and was going to get one after the oil change. My toes were groooosss, but I said thank you anyway. I've found that people are more receptive when you take a compliment than if you pretend you don't deserve it. I even got a 15% coupon from the cutest boy(sweet!).

Later I was getting a chai latte (yuuuum) when I noticed a sweet WRX sitting in the parking lot. Apparently the dude sitting in it noticed me, too, and "accidentally" laid on the horn. I buried my giggle in my cup as I watched the dude get out of his car. He was probably about 40-45 in a nice business suit. However, the business suit + the WRX screamed "midlife crisis" and I scurried away.

My ex-bf unfortunately attends the same school as I do and he stopped by the office I work in (that he's going to be working in, too, ahhhhhhh)and we chatted about nonsense while he stared at my boobs.

As I was driving to TJ Maxx after work, this Saturn full of boys pulled up next to me and started acting goofy to get my attention, I suppose. Then one lit up what appeared to be a bowl. You stay classy.

My point, I suppose, is that boys come in all shapes, sizes and demeanors and they're everywhere so open up those beautiful peepers every once in a while and take in the view (even if they are acting silly).